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About Zehui Chemicals Ltd.

  1960s, the predecessor of ZeHui Chemical(Group)is the first enterprise of magnesium compounds produce,In 2002, we restructure enterprise to private-owned joint-stock company, we have 50 years’ experience of magnesium produce, D&R, manufacture, sale, we are one of the biggest company in China. After 50 years’ development, we set up headquarters in WUXI, own the administrative center, financial center, marketingcenter and have 3 factories which located in Suzhou, Shandong and Hunan. We cooperatewith the national nanometerengineering and Yangzhou university to set up 2 unit-labs. Our employees: 3 R&D doctors, 10 postgraduates, 20+ professional techniques, totally 300 employees. 


  The main products of ZeHui Chemical are high and mid-grade magnesium, zinc salts and nanometer seriesproducts: magnesium oxide, magnesium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, zinc carbonate, zinc oxide, nanometerTiO2, nanometer SiO2(self-cleaning, photocatalysis) etc. we are the association members of China inorganic salt industry and one of the HG/T 2573-2012 revised draft units, passing ISO9001. We have independent import and export right. 


  In recent years, the company spent tens of millions on technology upgrading, equipment reform and talent cultivation, developed new type environmental protectionnanometer materials which can totally replace the imported products, filled the domesticblank, changed the phenomenon in our country that rely on importing. We take up 50% market share of the high-end product in in the LCD glass, lithium battery, ceramics, plastic and other ndustries.