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Active magnesium oxide is more and more widely used
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Active magnesium oxide is more and more widely used

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Active magnesium oxide, also known as light burned magnesium oxide, is formed by calcining magnesium compounds below 900 ℃. The chemical activity of magnesium oxide can be expressed by iodine absorption value (adsorption performance index). The higher the chemical activity is, the higher the iodine absorption value is, the lighter it will be. When the iodine absorption value is 120-180 mg / g, it is called high active magnesium oxide; when the iodine absorption value is 50-80 mg / g, it is called medium active magnesium oxide; when the iodine absorption value is 19-43 mg / g, it is called low active magnesium oxide.

With the development of science and technology and national economy, the application of active magnesium oxide will be more and more extensive, and the demand will be further increased. High active light magnesium oxide is made of soluble magnesium salt and dolomite by advanced technology. The product has fine particle size, good dispersion compatibility and high iodine absorption value. High activity, stable quality and good performance. It is widely used in chloroprene rubber, fluororubber, butyl rubber, chlorinated polyethylene (CPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastics and adhesives, advanced inks, paints, etc. It can be used in rubber sheathed cable, mine cable, marine cable and other industries, which can improve the performance of anti-corrosion, acid resistance, high temperature resistance, and improve the working stability under adverse conditions.

Zehui active magnesium oxide can also be used as fluoride removal adsorbent in water. At present, there are water quality problems such as high fluorine, high arsenic, bitter salt, untreated Class IV and super class IV surface water in rural drinking water, especially the excessive fluorine in water, which will cause serious fluorosis and great harm to people's health. Using the adsorption of active magnesium oxide can remove the fluorine in water and solve the problem of water safety.

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