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Activity test standard of magnesium oxide
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Activity test standard of magnesium oxide

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Activity is an important indicator to measure the physical adsorption and chemical reactivity of MgO. Active magnesium oxide is one of many kinds of magnesium oxide, which is mainly used as accelerator and activator in rubber industry. It can improve the adhesive strength, improve its transparency, and prevent its precipitation and stratification. It is special magnesium oxide for adhesive, special magnesium oxide for FRP, special magnesium oxide for wire and cable, special magnesium oxide for medical rubber plug, special magnesium oxide for friction material and special magnesium oxide for tire In recent years, with the development of adhesives and sealing materials, the demand for different active magnesium oxide is increasing. Because the activity of magnesium oxide is directly related to the stability of products and the quality of products, it is more and more important to study and determine the activity of magnesium oxide.

MgO activity refers to the ability of MgO to participate in physical or chemical processes under specific experimental conditions. The difference is mainly due to the unsaturation of the valence bond on the surface of MgO. If there are many defects and lattice distortion on the surface structure of MgO, it shows high activity; otherwise, if the structure of MgO is close and lattice is complete, its activity is low. Therefore, the activity of MgO is only a relative concept. There are many methods to determine the activity of MgO, such as thermal analysis, adsorption iodine value method, nitrogen adsorption method, BET method, hydration method, CT method, phase analysis method, citric acid method, dissolution activation energy method, specific volume method, bulk density method, etc. Because there are many factors that affect the activity of MgO, such as the type of raw materials, reaction temperature, calcination conditions, and so on. At the same time, these determination methods have their own application scope and limitations. Therefore, the activity of MgO is still difficult to be characterized by a general index at present. Only under the same experimental conditions can we compare the activity by certain changes in its specific reaction The relative size of.





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