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Application and notice of magnesium carbonate in rubber
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Application and notice of magnesium carbonate in rubber

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Rubber is an essential material in our life, and magnesium carbonate is also an essential material for rubber. Application and precautions of magnesium carbonate in rubber: as an important compounding agent in rubber industry, magnesium carbonate is used in rubber products, which has high mechanical strength, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Magnesium carbonate is one of the compounding agents of rubber, which plays the role of reinforcing and filling. In the mixing process, other compounding agents are added into the plastic compound with certain plasticity to make a uniform mix. Magnesium carbonate is better than calcium carbonate in reinforcing effect, heat resistance and hardness. It is suitable for reinforcing fillers of transparent or translucent rubber products.

Although magnesium carbonate belongs to colorless and tasteless dust, it will also cause lung aspiration disease if inhaled for a long time. Therefore, we need to wear masks when working in dusty places for a long time. We also need to pay attention to some problems in the transportation process of magnesium carbonate. We must ensure that the packaging is complete, not leak, not damage, not mixed with oxidant, and prevent exposure to the sun and rain during transportation , high temperature.





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