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Application of MgO in catalyst
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Application of MgO in catalyst

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The impact of global climate change is driving the world towards a low-carbon economy. Green economy and low-carbon life have gradually become the consensus and inevitable trend of all countries in the world. As the pillar of our national economy, the development of energy and chemical industry is facing severe challenges.

Wang Jiming, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and director of the academic committee of the center for economic management of energy and chemical industry, said at the meeting that in the next decade, the world's oil and gas resources can meet the demand on the whole, but the demand for oil and gas in emerging economies has increased substantially, and the global oil and gas resources competition will be more intense.

Relevant meetings pointed out that insufficient supply of oil resources and high volatility of crude oil prices will bring huge pressure on China's petrochemical industry in terms of raw material security and cost. Therefore, China's petrochemical industry needs to develop the deep processing technology of inferior crude oil and heavy oil, and the comprehensive processing technology of by-products to continuously improve the utilization rate of resources. This puts forward more strict requirements for petroleum catalyst. As one of the raw materials of petroleum catalyst, magnesium oxide is more and more strict in its specificity. The special magnesium oxide for petroleum catalyst produced by our company is specially developed for the catalyst industry and has become the brand of petroleum catalyst developed and used by Chinese Academy of Sciences.





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