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Application of high purity magnesium oxide in ceramic field
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Application of high purity magnesium oxide in ceramic field

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1. The preparation of magnesia foam ceramic filter is a filter used for purifying alloy liquid. It solves the technical problems that the existing technology filters do not pass through the filter magnesium alloy and the high temperature alloy containing active elements.

2. The preparation of MgO ceramic core, the service temperature of MgO ceramic core is not lower than 1600 ℃, it does not react with the casting metal under high temperature, the surface of the casting is smooth, and the surface roughness is not more than 10 μ m; it makes up for the defects such as a large number of pores and sand sticking in the inner hole of the casting when the silicon-based core is used to cast such materials; it has good solubility and can be well dissolved in In weak acid, the core removal time is short, the core removal equipment is simple, the core removal process is pollution-free, safe and reliable, and the cost of precision casting is reduced; the hollow thin-walled casting is poured without hot cracking; the core size accuracy is high; it has enough strength, and it does not deform or break when molding, handling and charging.

3. High purity MgO vk-mg05tc, together with alumina, can be widely used in the field of abrasive tools.

4. High purity magnesium oxide vk-mg05tc and rare earth oxide are used as sintering aids to prepare silicon nitride ceramics, which can efficiently and economically manufacture products with various complex shapes, such as cutting tools, sealing rings, bearings, nozzles and various high temperature, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant products.

5. The high toughness ceramic material was prepared. The high-purity magnesium oxide vk-mg05tc and yttrium oxide or rare earth metal oxide were used as composite stabilizers for sintering and heat treatment. The ceramic material can be widely used as high temperature engineering parts and high-grade refractories.





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