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Application of nanometer magnesium oxide
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Application of nanometer magnesium oxide

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Nano MgO applications:

(1) Coating, plastic, rubber and other fillers: due to its high dispersion, high-purity magnesium oxide can be used as fillers for paints, paper and cosmetics, fillers and reinforcements for plastics and rubber, and auxiliary materials for various electronic materials.

(2) High performance ceramics: high purity magnesium oxide has good sintering performance. It can be sintered at low temperature without the use of sintering aids to produce high-density fine-grained ceramics or multifunctional magnesium oxide films, which are expected to be developed into cutting-edge materials under high temperature, high corrosion and other harsh conditions.

(3) Absorbing material: due to its high activity and dispersion, high-purity magnesium oxide can be easily compounded with polymers or other materials. This kind of composite has good microwave absorption performance, and it can not reduce the strength and toughness of the raw material. Moreover, the addition of fibrous magnesium oxide can also strengthen the composite.

(4) Adsorbent and catalyst: the specific surface area of high-purity magnesium oxide is large, which is an important raw material for the preparation of high-function fine inorganic materials, electronic components, ink and harmful gas adsorbent.

(5) Flame retardant materials: high purity magnesium oxide has a good flame retardant effect. It can be used together with wood chips and shavings to make refractories such as light weight, sound insulation, heat insulation, fire-resistant fiberboard and cermet.

(6) Others: fuel additive, cleaner, antistatic agent and anti-corrosion agent, electrical insulator material, manufacturing crucible, furnace, insulated conduit (tubular element), electrode bar, electrode sheet, etc.





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