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Introduction of Nano Magnesium Oxide
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Introduction of Nano Magnesium Oxide

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Nanomaterials refer to materials with at least one dimension in the three-dimensional space in the nanoscale range of 1 ~ 100nm or composed of them as the basic unit. . Nano magnesia is a new type of high-function fine inorganic material. Due to the special nature of its structure, it has different electrical, magnetic, thermal, and optical properties from the body. Nano-magnesium oxide can be used to achieve low-temperature sintering without using sintering aids. It can be made into high-density fine-grained ceramics. It is eager to develop cutting-edge materials used under severe conditions such as high temperature and high corrosion atmosphere. Sintering aids and stabilizers for other nanoparticles and iron oxides to obtain high-quality nanophase ceramics. In addition, nano-magnesium oxide can be used as fillers for paints, papers and cosmetics, additives and reinforcements for plastics and rubbers, fat decomposition agents, polishing agents for pharmaceuticals, chemical adsorbents, and various electronic materials, catalysts, and superconductors. , Auxiliary materials for refractories, etc. The main types of nano-magnesia materials are nano-powder, nano-film, nano-wire, and nano-solid.





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