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The effect of MgO on the properties of cement
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The effect of MgO on the properties of cement

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As we all know, there are two kinds of magnesium additives in cement, one is magnesium oxide, the other is magnesium chloride. Magnesium oxide is a common additive of magnesium. Studying the effect of magnesium oxide on cement performance has a strong guiding significance for the actual production. What effect does magnesium oxide have on cement?

The influence of properties in cement is as follows: the first is to affect the toughness of products: the willfulness of magnesium cement is related not only to the amount of reinforcing fiber used, but also to Magnesium Oxide. When the content of MgO in the product is insufficient, the product will appear crisp and crisp because of the decrease of crystalline phase. When the amount of MgO increases, the brittleness of the products will be improved obviously. Secondly, it makes the hardened body of magnesium cement produce high strength, which is due to the network structure of crystalline phase formed by MgO and water. The structure has a very solid tower joint hinge system, which can bear great pressure. Thirdly, magnesium oxide cement is easy to reverse halogen: there will be a lot of free magnesium oxide after the phase formation of magnesium chloride hexahydrate. This will inevitably lead to the occurrence of magnesium oxide over time-saving anti halogen condition. Therefore, using anhydrous magnesium oxide reduces the universality of antihalide, and reduces the cost of raw materials. Strengthening the strength of magnesite products.

In addition to many benefits to cement, but if the mixing ratio is not good, it will also cause the cement expansion and other shortcomings, so it is of great practical and economic significance to study the influence of magnesium oxide on the performance of cement





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