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The function of high purity light magnesium oxide
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The function of high purity light magnesium oxide

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High purity light magnesium oxide is a kind of light magnesium oxide with high purity, even up to 99%. Its performance is much higher than ordinary light magnesium oxide. High purity light magnesium oxide is a white light loose amorphous powder. Odorless, tasteless and nontoxic. The volume of light weight is about three times that of heavy magnesium oxide. It is easy to absorb water and carbon dioxide when exposed to the air, insoluble in water and alcohol, and can dissolve in dilute acid to form corresponding magnesium salt solution, with high fire resistance and heat insulation performance.

The price of high-purity light magnesium oxide is higher than that of ordinary magnesium oxide, so it is generally used in advanced fields, such as medicine, food, etc., of course, it can also be used in metallurgy, smelting, manufacturing of high-grade magnesia brick, refractories and moisturizing materials, and it is also widely used in rubber, rubber plate, rubber products, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, plastic plate accelerator, plasticizer of FRP and silicon It can also be used as fillers and reinforcers of rubber and plastic products, soft ferrite, adhesives, catalysts and other magnesium compounds in the chemical industry, enamel, ceramics, glass, etc Etc.

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