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What are the functions of MgO in rubber products
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What are the functions of MgO in rubber products

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With the gradual popularization of tire, wire and cable industry, more private funds have entered the rubber market, which once appeared the situation of supply exceeding demand. But with the popularization of automobile and other things, the rubber industry has gradually returned to the normal. Magnesium oxide is very useful in rubber production. Let's see what role magnesium oxide plays in rubber products?

The activity of MgO is an important index to measure MgO used in rubber industry. As one of the main inorganic active agents, the vulcanization degree can be greatly improved if the content of MgO is small. Magnesium oxide plays a role of fluidity and oxygen resistance, and increases the tensile strength and impact resistance of rubber. Magnesium oxide is an important admixture of halogenated rubber.

In chloroprene rubber, magnesium oxide is used as a curing agent to reduce the activity of zinc oxide, which can slow down the curing rate and prevent the early crosslinking; at the same time, magnesium oxide plays the role of acid acceptor, which can prevent scorch and cyclization, usually added in the early stage of mixing; the activity of magnesium oxide (iodine absorption value) has a great influence on the scorch resistance of CR, It also has influence on the tensile strength, tensile strength and hardness of CR.





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